"I never stopped loving you. Not even for a second. Even when I hated you." — Charles Sheehan-Miles. (for thorloptrs)



Pedro Pascal on GoT s4 bloopers (x)


Run, chubby little unicorn! #embroidery

It’s fourteen years of research, and nothing to show for it. Except maybe this. Spider-man. 


not an overreaction


I am guilty! But not more so than my father, who colluded to have David found a traitor when he is anything but! King Silas framed this entire case: coerced witnesses, faked evidence, convinced me to lie against David. But I see now that David is a better man than the rest of us; innocent, deserving respect.

 nobody leave jack alone because he’s only capable and effective when he’s got someone to unleash him (ilvalentinos)

How can two fates be so different? You two are like night and day.